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Keep Your Kids Active this Summer!

Kids Summer SwimmingAre your kids spending a good part of their summer staring at screens? Studies have shown that kids between eight and 18 years old spend more than 7 hours using technology, including TVs and tablets. If you’re looking for a way for your kids to be more physically active, Silverlake has some great youth programs available. If our summer programs are full, please keep in mind that we have fall programs available.


Swimming gives kids a good workout while also letting them spend time in the water. We offer swim lessons for kids of all ages. These lessons, which are typically 30 minutes long, help kids learn how to swim safely in our indoor aquatics center. We make these lessons fun and instructive for kids, so they’ll enjoy learning this new skill.


Gymnastics offers an exciting and challenging way for kids to stay physically active. We have gymnastics programs available for kids of all ages. These programs, which include Twisters, Wigglers, Flippers and Slammers, helps kids learn how to perform a variety of gymnastics moves.


Taekwondo gives kids a chance to learn how to defend themselves while also gaining confidence and strength. Our classes are led by black belt instructors who can help your kids work their way toward earning their very own black belt.

Team Sports

Team sports teach kids how to get along with others and build teamwork skills. We offer soccer, sports development and other sports programs for kids in different age ranges.
We offer memberships, so families can explore the different programs and amenities we have. Keep in mind that we have an outdoor water park, fitness center and outdoor facility access. If you’d like more information on our youth programs or if you’re ready to sign up for membership, please contact Silverlake.

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