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Martial Arts – Erlanger, KY – Silverlake Family Place

It’s a good idea to encourage kids to channel their energy into a sport that they would enjoy. One sport to consider a martial arts class. The martial arts is not only about fighting and self-defense, it’s an activity that can provide many benefits to your child that will last a lifetime.
Promotes Physical Fitness
Whether your child is a boy or girl that is short, thin, tall or strong, he or she can benefit from the workout that martial arts provide. It is common for classes to begin with warmup exercises that are meant to stretch muscles, build endurance and get their blood pumping. The movements involved with martial arts help build strong muscles and a strong cardiovascular system.
Martial Arts for KidsTeaches Self Defense and Confidence
Martial arts training can help provide your child the skills needed to defend him or herself against an assailant if the unfortunate need ever arose. Self-defense is the cornerstone of many martial arts programs. Having these skills help your child become more confident and street-smart, which may help him or her stand up to bullies.
Improves Concentration, Self-Discipline and Self-Esteem
As your child works his or her way through learning the martial arts and earning their next belt, they are will improve skills such as concentration, self-discipline and self-esteem. These three skills carry over into helping them learn better at school and building self-esteem as they are rewarded for their efforts when earning a new belt.
Learning Respect
A complaint that is heard too often today is how kids seem to lack respect for others. An important part of the martial arts is showing respect for your instructors and for your fellow students. This behavior can carry over to other areas of your child’s life by improving their behavior both at home and in school.

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