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5 Ways to Get a Healthy Heart

Heart healthy exercises help your family create healthy habits for American Heart Month. Working out together as a family helps you stay motivated for winter workouts while getting in shape.
Go for a walk. Get into a habit of taking a walk before or after dinner or another time that works well for your family. On sub-zero days, limit walks to 10-15 minutes to stay safe or choose an indoor walking location, such as an indoor track or the local mall.
Have a family dance party. Push back the furniture in the living room or finished basement and crank up a favorite high-energy album. Put on crazy costumes or use fun accessories, such as turning a flashlight into a strobe light.
Make chores into a game. Introduce a little competition into the nightly chore routine to motivate kids to finish more quickly. For example, the first child to complete his or her chores will get to pick the book to read before bed that night.
Take fitness breaks during TV commercials. When you’re watching TV together, get in a few sit-ups, push-ups, or squats when there’s a commercial break. Make a game of it with a silly name like Bob the Builder muscle builders.
Develop a jump rope and jumping jacks routine. If you have a finished basement space, clear out room for kid-friendly workouts, such as jump rope or jumping jacks. Alternating a couple activities will keep everyone more motivated.
Silverlake the Family Place is more than a gym. It’s a lifestyle center with resources for the entire family. Enjoy a variety of indoor sports for kids and adults alike or get in a few laps at the indoor pool to make the most of the cold winter months.

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