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An Active Summer For Kids

It’s no secret that technology is taking over, but did you know it can have an adverse effect on your children’s health and wellness? Using a phone, tablet, video game, or TV all summer long can seem enticing to kids out of school, but keeping them active, even for just a part of their day, can make all the difference. The benefits of physical activity and socialization may even surprise you. We take every necessary precaution with our children, why not pursue their natural instinct to be active and have fun to ensure a healthy summer and beyond.
Physical activity helps promote healthy growth and development overall, while also helping kids maintain a healthy weight. Teaching children about physical activity at a young age also helps set them up to remain active later in life. Working out their thumbs while texting does not count, despite what they tell you! Silverlake, located in Erlanger, KY, is a one of a kind family friendly facility that focuses on the health and wellness of adults, as well as children.
Silverlake’s Sports Academy Director commented, “Here at Silverlake, my job is not only to teach your children how to play sports and have fun, but to also ensure they are learning the importance of being physically active. Our Sports Academy program starts as young as 3 years old and goes until they are teenagers, offering a variety of classes and leagues along the way. I believe that it starts with adults to set the example of getting our kids active, and most importantly, keeping them active.”
Did you know it also helps their mood, socialization skills, as well as their self-esteem overall? Often times we forget about a child’s mental health when thinking about their physical health, but they go hand in hand. According to HealthyPeople.gov, “Mental health and physical health are closely connected. Mental health plays a major role in people’s ability to maintain good physical health.” Making sure your kids get out and active with other kids can make a real change in the way they think and feel.
This brings up the ever-important question; what can we do to get our kids active, but most importantly, interested in being active on their own? Always choose an activity that is appropriate for your child’s age group. Their engagement with the activity relies solely on how much they like it and can get involved with it. Allow them plenty of time to be active, and make sure they have fun most of all. If physical activity feels like a chore, they will be less inclined to continue with it.
Silverlake offers half-day summer sports camps all summer long. You and your children can choose anything from soccer, to baseball, to gymnastics, and taekwondo. They have something for everyone! Most importantly, the camps last 1 week each, so kids can experience multiple different activities in just 3 months. The variety helps mix up the activities and keep it from getting stale or boring. No parent wants to hear the dreaded “I’m bored” statement from their child, and Silverlake has worked hard to come up with a summer list of camps to avoid it.
Your children get to try new things, make new friends, and most importantly, stay active while having fun. Who knows, maybe they’ll find a program they really love and explore it beyond just the summer. For more information on Silverlake “The Family Place,” visit their website at www.silverlakefamily.com.

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