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The Importance of Family Time

As back to school season nears, and the excitement of summer begins to wear off, many of us experience a moment of melancholy. The long days and warm nights start to dissolve to cooler weather and busier schedules. We lose sight of those moments of family bonding experiences to the daily grind of work, sports, lessons, and homework. Life gets busy and finding time to come together becomes fewer and farther between until the next summer sweeps through.
What we lose sight of is that having fun as a family is such an important foundation to building memories that last a lifetime. Why wait until the next summer when you can experience a facility that has it all, under one roof, year-round? At Silverlake “The Family Place,” located in Erlanger, KY, children can get involved in swim lessons, gymnastics, basketball, soccer, and much more all in one location. Not only that, but they offer an indoor and outdoor water park for kids and adults, a full fitness center, basketball courts, preschool programs, and an all new 55,000 sq. ft. expansion coming in the fall.
Having fun and spending time together as a family helps build a bond that can last a lifetime. Creating traditions, moments of laughter, times together…that’s what defines and individualizes each family, not just for a season, but throughout the entire year. At Silverlake, families can soon enjoy a full trampoline park, clip n’ climb, ropes course, restaurant and bar for dinners together even on the busiest days, duckpin bowling, and even cooking classes! They truly have something for everyone, giving you the ability to find something all can enjoy as a family.
Making time to be together allows even the busiest parents to reconnect with their children. Our kids grow up and change in the blink of an eye, and even in today’s hectic atmosphere we can still find ways to let them have fun and play without wearing ourselves thin driving from here to there after a long day of work and school. Learning to work and play as one family unit is an invaluable lesson parents can teach, and it is something that will stay with kids even as they grow into adults themselves.
Discover your local membership-based family oasis in the heart of NKY and make new memories that will last a lifetime. For more information on Silverlake “The Family Place,” visit their website at www.silverlakefamily.com.

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