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Beating the Winter Blues at Silverlake

With Fall upon us and Winter right around the corner, we start to think about snow, school breaks, and the inevitable cabin fever that ensues from being stuck inside with nothing to do. Shorter days and colder temperatures make it difficult to get out and enjoy time by ourselves or with family. It makes it even harder to stay active while also having fun, showing that kids actually burn half the calories in Winter as they do in Summer, according to UPMC Health Beat.

Silverlake “The Family Place,” located in Erlanger, KY, is opening an all new 55,000 sq. ft. membership-based expansion in November to create a space for adults and kids alike to come and enjoy a day indoors while having fun and being active. From their 3-story ropes course, to their Clip N’ Climb structures, Trampoline Park, Duckpin Bowling and more, Silverlake has added something for everyone. Each activity gets members moving and laughing, enjoying time with loved ones, and staying fit without even realizing it’s considered exercise.

The never-ending crafts and board games may seem like your first choice, but all that unused energy needs to go somewhere. Get creative…race your children up the climbing structures, compete to see who’s the best bowler, or stop for a healthy lunch/dinner together with time to just catch up at their Bar & Grill. Whatever you decide, winter doesn’t have to be blue with Silverlake. Visit their website today at www.silverlakefamily.com.

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