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Untraditional Ways of Getting Your Family Active & Fit

When you think of fitness, exercise, and being active…your first thought is a traditional gym. In this day and age, consumers are also looking for a change of pace in their fitness routines. Families are becoming much more active together to combat the use of screen time, and untraditional solutions are what they are looking for. A place, or places, where the whole family can go and get active and have fun and live a healthy lifestyle without it feeling like the “work” part of workout.

Silverlake “The Family Place,” located in Erlanger, KY, has cornered that market with their recent expansion to include a brand new Active Entertainment Center complete with a Trampoline Park, Clip N’ Climb rock wall structures, Ropes Course, KidsQuest child care with inflatables and play structures, Duckpin Bowling, Toddler Village, and a Bar & Grill. It’s the kind of place that brings the fun out of anyone, but still gets the whole family active and moving. The new Active Entertainment Center recently opened in February, and has since become a huge hit among current and new members.

Prior to the building officially opening, and within the first couple weeks after, many of the Silverlake staff went through and found different and unique ways to burn calories, get your heart rate up, and get you active on the new features. By doing so, it let them communicate to members that if they participate in these activities, they can get the same or similar work out as if they just worked out in the traditional gym setting, but that they would have more fun and even be able to do it with their children.

Silverlake Fitness Director, Dave Smith, shared his results, “In 1 hour I burned 945 calories jumping in the Trampoline Park for 30 minutes, and climbing the Clip N’ Climb walls for 30 minutes. Exercise doesn’t have to feel like work, you can have fun and jump and climb with your kids and still burn the same number of calories as a traditional workout.”

Plus, the new features are great for getting both kids and adults away from screens and back to quality family time engaging with one another, or even separately with the kids jumping and the parents enjoying dinner at the Bar & Grill. Silverlake has something for everyone and it’s right in the heart of Northern Kentucky, located in Erlanger. Visit their website for more info at www.silverlakefamily.com.

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