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Beating the Winter Blues at Silverlake

With Fall upon us and Winter right around the corner, we start to think about snow, school breaks, and the inevitable cabin fever that ensues from being stuck inside with nothing to do. Shorter days and colder temperatures make it difficult to get out and enjoy time by ourselves or with family. It makes it[…]

The Importance of Family Time

As back to school season nears, and the excitement of summer begins to wear off, many of us experience a moment of melancholy. The long days and warm nights start to dissolve to cooler weather and busier schedules. We lose sight of those moments of family bonding experiences to the daily grind of work, sports,[…]

An Active Summer For Kids

It’s no secret that technology is taking over, but did you know it can have an adverse effect on your children’s health and wellness? Using a phone, tablet, video game, or TV all summer long can seem enticing to kids out of school, but keeping them active, even for just a part of their day,[…]

5 Ways to Get a Healthy Heart

Heart healthy exercises help your family create healthy habits for American Heart Month. Working out together as a family helps you stay motivated for winter workouts while getting in shape. Go for a walk. Get into a habit of taking a walk before or after dinner or another time that works well for your family.[…]